Thursday, August 16, 2012

Best Matte Foundation for Oily Skin - surprise winner!

Foundation can be a tricky product to choose with any skin type. However, due to the "dewy" or "glowing" trends with face products it is EXTREMEMLY difficult to find a foundation that stays matte enough for someone with oily skin not to look like a grease ball by the end of the day. Foundation is one of main beauty products than I believe can boost a woman's confidence even if she is wearing nothing else. *Side note: do you ever notice how few beauty gurus have to deal with oily skin? It is extrememly hard to find! And most of them who do, use some of the most expensive products around.*

Fear not ladies (specifically cheapos)! I have decided to do a Matte Foundation challenge, and you will be suprised at the results that came about. I have SUPER oily so oily that my forehead looks like the camera flash when a picture is taken of me without makeup. Therefore, I have done research for awhile to see what are the most recommended products for issue. Unfortunately for me and fellow greasers, some of the best products are more expensive than you may want to see. However, I have found a gem that truly stays matte all day and is in your local drugstore! Woo that! 

*Note: I am not ALL oily skinned people. This is just what I found works best for me. If you have some friends, divide the products amongst each other and switch after awhile to see what works best without buying all of them. eliminate suspense, the winner of this challenge is the Revlon ColorStay makeup for combination/oily skin! That's right, you heard it. A drugstore brand. I was actually shocked myself because I assumed it would good, but not great! This is the best foundation I have found for oily skin EVER! I typically use a buffing brush to sheer it out a bit because you do not need a lot of this to keep you looking matte and flawless all day. This amazing by itself but if you want to ensure it's staying power, a translucent powder will help hold it in place.

Honorable mention (and the more expensive brands) were 2: Urban Decay's Naked foundation and Clinique's Stay Matte foundaation. These both work well but the key to these are the APPLICATION. For example, I found for Clinique's foundation it is best to use right on the skin. No primer or moisturizer beforehand. Clinique is a great brand for "derma-challenged" skin. Yes I made that word up...I mean anything like sensitive skin, acne prone, rosasia, etc tends to do well with Clinique products. Because of this, the foundation is enough to make your skin feel hydrated and clean. It stays generally matte all on its own. Primers make it sit on top of the skin and doesn't let it set in the skin to mattify the oil. Even using a powder to set the foundation, I felt that it broke down the foundation and made me oily quicker. (Maybe try a Clinique powder and it might help)

Another surprising foundation I found was the new Urban Decay Naked foundation. If you have never heard of this brand or their Naked line...Google it right now. Their eyeshadow palettes are beautiful and if there ever a "standard expensive piece" to purchase, Urban Decay's Naked or Naked 2 palette is a good one to splurge on. Anyway, I digress...back to their foundation. This foundation is the most lightweight foundation I have used in a long time. The point of the "Naked" idea is to make the foundation feel like it is your skin and you have nothing on. I would agree with that. Once you apply it, this foundation blends so well into the skin and feels like there is nothing there. However, because it is a demi matte finish it needs an extra step to help mattify more. Urban Decay also has a DeSlick finishing powder that is translucent and help take away oil on the skin. Use both of these and you will be good for most of the day. Blotting may need to happen once or twice during the day but this powder comes with a sponge and mirror so you can bring it with you throughout the day. *For combination skin, this may be your favorite because your dryer areas will feel more hydrated and if you don't drip oil like me, blotting might not be necessary.

So overall, it's all experimentation. However, inexpensive brands don't always mean cheap. Putting all of brands I've tried together, I would hands down use the Revlon ColorStay foundation! Isn't that exciting ladies?!? Specifically for you beautiful brides, if you need a foundation for just one day, this is it. It's inexpensive and lasts all day long for you! I was so excited to share this challenge with you because I want women to see, it isn't always about the money. There are affordable alternatives and sometimes (like today) frontrunners right in your local drugstore. Have a beautiful day!


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